Monday, October 6, 2008

Treasure Chest

I guess it was easy to overlook
the most certain of things; 
taking for granted
the most obvious of things. 

How the pendant gets noticed
as it hangs there in the desert, 
instead of the scar.

How the motive to let it hang there
is eclipsed because the eyes just can’t seem to look away.

And so I guess because I can’t
(and because in other ways I did), 

I erred on the side of bliss. And I ignored you, 

walked down that valley, looking 
like some idiot adventurer

for the lost chest of gold, 

treasure I just can’t seem to ignore.


I think of laughter the same way
a child discovers

how to overcome
his fear.

And this fear that has engulfed me—
I am smiling at it.

The wickedness
I am capable of—

I will cherish this forever.