Sunday, December 14, 2008

The One I Love

I don't understand the words we made from it.
Thinking didn't clarify at all, nor having felt it.
These two points made it all the more confusing.
Where I stood in relation to you, and where you sat,
naked after consummating what we shared,

my nerves like chocolate foil wrappers strewn
empty of silver after having revealed
the sweetness within.

The sweetness that now gild my mouth
after having made a gift of it.

Sweet words, sweet words.

(What does this mean? The one I love?)

These sweetened words that now lie
meaningless in the silence

that has crept into the best of all possible worlds, this world,
after the kisses that silenced it, after having
refused its share of the glory;

these words became
another secret.

(What does this mean? The one you love?)

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