Saturday, January 31, 2009

Forgive Him

And so it was...
that the dog appeared,
licked my face awake
and told me “Forgive him.”

Startled, I sat up.
Felt around for my glasses.
And what did I find instead?
Tears. Goddamn tears in my eyes.

So I’ve been crying.
Fuck this shit.
Fuck that dog.

The mornings are hardest.
At night, at least,
I just drink and pass out.
But mornings the dog comes.

His hot breath in my face.
Panting like he’s training for a marathon.
Begging for forgiveness.
Fucking dog.

And yet he is sweet.
And I know it’s because
he just wants to be happy.
But I’m not happy.

I’m angry.
And I’m sad.
There’s a dog in my head.
And my thoughts stink of dog breath.

So, alas, try as I might,
I cannot forgive him.
And that’s when the cat comes
and says, “Let him go.”

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