Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tasks Given by a Master to a Slave in Order to Earn His Emancipation

Remain nameless
among the onions of existence.

Reek like a king
staring at his executioner.

Peel this cucumber
without a blade.

like a monkey defending his coconut.

And I will show you how to be free.

Monday, January 21, 2013


At first they were diamonds.
But when they trembled, for a moment
and flowed down
his chest, they were
shards of sweat
on a brown man’s skin.

The tears
at the end of an affair.
And the black satin gowns
of shimmering drag queens,
soaked to the seams
with rhinestones.

Oceans and oceans of rhinestones.
Lovers swim vast oceans
and reach
the bodies of dead pirates
hugging their loot
of fake diamonds.

Fake diamonds, like fake names,
worn to deceive
the nakedness,
waiting in the dark
to receive

Shivering drops of
diamonds spilling
through the spaces
between the night.
And the way his naked body moves
against the light.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Grey Rainbow

The cars in KL are grey.
4,914,992 shades of grey, in fact,
according to JPJ in 2011,
that create a mosaic of greys
shuttling through the city.

But the underwear of each and every owner
of those grey cars
represent a shimmering rainbow
of prints, textures, colours
and desires.

Invisible triangles of colour are constantly
speeding down Federal Highway
straight into the heart of town
where the police
are waiting.

But the rainbow passes under their eyes,
This is grey magic.
There are no rainbows here.
There is only grey.

20 January 2013